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    Child & Adolescent Therapy

    Does your child have trouble managing their emotions? Have you noticed that they become easily dysregulated? Have they experienced sudden loss or trauma?

    As children and adolescents grow they develop positive social and communication skills, positive coping skills, and also foster emotional intelligence. These skills can help children navigate difficult circumstances, however some kiddos may need support to develop these skills. Some children may experience difficulties in processing their emotions which may lead to behavior that impairs their ability to function – impacting their school life, home life, getting along with caregivers and overall well-being.

    Therapy offers children and adolescents a safe space to work through their thoughts and emotions. With appropriate support, children can learn useful skills to help them manage overwhelming feelings in healthy and safe ways. I utilize a combination of play, art, and music to connect with the children and adolescents I serve. I give the clients I serve the opportunity to share about their wants and needs in session and go at a pace that they feel safe with it.  

    Family Therapy

    Family therapy may be appropriate for what your child is facing.  I may recommend family therapy as a component of your child’s treatment. Family sessions can include the entire family, including children, siblings, parents and grandparents, or just one or two individuals.

    At what age should my child attend therapy?

    Children can be faced with life’s challenges at any age. The following are some examples of events and experiences that can impact a child’s mental health and well-being:

    • The death of a loved one
    • Bullying
    • Physical or sexual abuse
    • Domestic violence
    • Moving or attending a new school
    • Divorce
    • Social anxiety
    • Depression
    • ADHD
    • Eating disorders

    I often remind the caregivers of the children I serve that therapy is not a “quick fix” to a child’s behavioral or emotional issues. Therapy is a comprehensive process that provides children with skills necessary to navigate their challenging thoughts and feelings.  Like any skill, the skills learned in therapy may take time and practice to master and incorporate into your child’s life.

    If you would like to explore treatment options for your child, please give my office a call.