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    Therapy for Depression

    Are you feeling low, hopeless, worthless, or struggling to find the motivation or energy to complete daily tasks?

    Do these thoughts often enter your mind?

    • I am worthless.  I am a bad person. I have let myself or my family down.
    • I have no motivation or interest in doing my work or engaging in hobbies I once enjoyed.
    • I feel so alone but I have no interest in being around others.
    • I can’t stop crying and have noticed an increase in crying episodes.
    • I feel so overwhelmed with life.
    • There has been a significant increase or decrease in my appetite.  I struggle to fall asleep or sometimes feel like I could sleep all day.  
    • I feel hopeless and have no plans for my future.
    • My life and the world around me are dark. I don’t know if it can ever get better.

    If you have had any variation of these thoughts and don’t feel like your usual self, you may be suffering from depression. 

    I want you to know that you are not alone.  You are here, you are alive, and you deserve to be alive. You deserve to live a beautiful life filled with light and love, and you can obtain that, you may just need some space and support to navigate this difficult time and these difficult feelings. 

    The world can be an overwhelming place, especially now.  Please know that with support, you can feel better. If you are hoping to finally lighten this load and feel like yourself again, contact me today for a free consultation.